Therapy for Adults

Holistic, specialized therapy for adults seeking sustainable change

What a courageous step you’re taking.

Therapy is often sought in response to trauma, loss, or a desire to deepen one’s understanding of self. The concerns that impact our present oftentimes have their roots in our past. It is with this in mind that I diligently create a space that allows for exploration and growth, and that offers evidence-based, effective solutions to support your healing journey.

I provide individual counseling for adults and utilize a holistic, relational approach. As we begin our work together, we will collaboratively create your treatment plan where we will identify your goals and the interventions that best meet your needs. 

To support your decision in working with me, here are some areas in which I specialize:

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Read my about page to learn more about my approach, and the FAQs page for answers to commonly asked questions.

I admire your courage in taking this next step. 

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